Saturday, June 1, 2013

Recipe Swap - Family Favorite

When Mark and I first got married I had a ton of Taste of Home annual cookbooks.  Never having to cook really I was at a loss on what to make for dinner.  I decided to try this recipe and the rest is history. I've been making this going on 8 years. It still remains one of our favorite recipes.

What better recipe to share with a great group of ladies from a site I love to visit.  I learned something about myself when doing this swap.  I need to have a purpose to use my supplies. I've never had so much fun then when I was doing these swaps.

When having a purpose to using my supplies I never once thought about hoarding anything. Everything was fair game. Well as long as I had multiples of 8 since I had to do that many.

 So without further ado here's the first recipe.  I'll be back tomorrow with the other one that I signed up to do.


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